For Your Comfort

No More Blocked Nose after Surgery!

Other surgeons insert “packing” into the nose at the conclusion of the operation. This is to help prevent bleeding, keep repositioned structures in their new location and also to help carry medications such as nasal decongestant drops deeper into the nose.

Your surgeon may choose not to pack the nose at all or insert a liquid.

Regardless of whether the nose has packing inserted or not, you will be able to breathe well when your surgeon inserts, at the end of your operation, the Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway, a soft, non-stick, silicone plastic double-tube airway.

The FDA-cleared device allows air to pass as it normally does through the nose en route to the lungs. The tubes sit on the floor of the nasal passages, where typically, no surgery is performed. Hence, there is no pain; you will not feel their presence.

After surgery, particularly during the first day or two, to best facilitate air flow, it is important to flush or irrigate the tubes at home. We will demonstrate the use of it to you and your caregiver. An illustrated Home Care Instruction Sheet will be provided at that time.